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'big 1700s victorian sailing ship with a captain using binocular, other victorian ships in background, in the style of FAMOUS 19TH-CENTURY painter, impressionist oil painting' Syncthing Discovery Server in Docker with Caddy

On a journey to discover your own infrastructure

'Rocket.chat and MongoDB (not) on an RPi4 ' Rocket.chat and MongoDB (not) on an RPi4

Failing to run a chat program on an ARM processor

'Flying whale over container ship' Caddy in Docker with Local Time

When you want to log in your time zone

fingers with fork picking salt from a bowl Passwords - How to store salt?

TI(r)L (Today I really Learned) how (and why) to store salt.

'high tech solarpunk squid' Postgres HTTP proxy

Lightweight HTTP proxy for sending SQL commands to a Postgres DB

'Caddy in Docker with common_log' Caddy in Docker with common_log

When you just want a simple log

'Code in terminal' iTerm2 Triggers

'Supercharge your terminal'

'Code in terminal forming a red heart' Perfect Code

'The futile persuit of perfect code in a business application.'

'Texture with negative space' The Web3 that we don't need

'It seems to me like a perfect storm of tech, greed and smart people.'

'Homepage Screenshot' Photo Blog with NextJS, Deno and Syncthing

'How to create an auto-publishing Photo Blog, powered by Next.js, Deno and Syncthing'

'Cables behind a server' Self-hosting - running your own services

'Getting rid of Google, Dropbox, Microsoft and others.'

'screenshot of running program' Making a Deno CLI - Learning Japanese Numbers

'I have been following the evolution of Deno since I first heard about it. I really like node.js and I was playing around with it when it since it was released. '

'Various animals working in a fictional Docker port' Where does "hardcore_einstein" come from?

'Did you ever wonder about how those weird names for docker containers were generated? Probability not, but the more you know!'

'Harvey from Suits TV Show' Evolution of Frontend Devs

"Today the frontend scene is very broad and consist of a range of skills. That means if your main skills are creating a good design with CSS, it doesn't necessarily mean you also can configure webpack to handle Sass files."

'Italian from Euro Trip' Setup a Private NPM Registry with Verdaccio and Docker

'Homepage Screenshot' Creating a 8 bit Retro CV Page

I grow up playing SNES (スーパーファミコン) and Sega Mega Drive (メガドライブ). My love for pixel graphic games are absolute. Therefore it made sense for me to build a website in that style to represent me as the geek I was growing up and the person that I still am.

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